Lisa Besterda

Head Receptionist

A veteran of the veterinary field, Head Receptionist Lisa Besterda has been working to provide quality care along with an admirable level of compassion and empathy to pets in need for over thirty years.

After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Psychology and Communications, she initially worked in Public Relations, but found that the disingenuous nature of the role did not suit her personal predilections. She ended up applying for a summer job at a nearby animal clinic, and, upon commencement, knew that she had entered a line of work in which she could grow and feel rewarded by what she did. After the owner where she worked purchased another animal hospital, she helped jump start operations at the new satellite, and eventually wound up bringing her talents as an office manager. Once the owner passed away, however, she felt it was time to move on.

After discovering a job placement for Sunset Animal Hospital online, Lisa applied and was welcomed aboard shortly thereafter. Her favorite facet of the position is the ability to help educate people on how to become better pet owners, thereby increasing both the happiness of the owner and the quality of life of the pet.

Though she might not be in the office always, her love of animals never takes a holiday. Recently, she nurtured a litter of five kittens. A nurturing, maternal soul to the end, her favorite pastimes are spending time with her two children, a 14 year old Labrador, one cat, one rabbit, and a hedgehog.


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