Lily Zorzin

Manager Sunset's Pet Grooming / Sunset Animal Hospital Head Technician

Hometown: Cordoba, Argentina

Born and raised in Argentina where she worked as a Veterinary Technician for ten years, Lily Zorzin, brought her expertise to the states where she started as a groomer in Miami. Longing to get back to her old position in treating and caring for animals, Lily quickly moved on to secure a position at an animal hospital in Cooper City as a Veterinary Technician where she was first introduced to Dr. Polit. Her passion for working with animals of all varieties began as young as the age of 13 years old when she rescued her cat Mingo who was very sick. It was at this point that she quickly realized the gratification that comes with caring for animals, who only have unconditional love for their owners, and inspired her 20+ years in the field. Today, Lily is Head Veterinary Technician at Sunset Animal Hospital and in 2018 she took new challenges helping the companies expansion. Lily is in charge of managing the New Grooming and Wellness office in Fort Lauderdale.  Everyday, Lily works hard to help animals through their sickness, in post-treatment, and in preventative healthcare. When she isn’t caring for others’ sickly pets, Lily enjoys spending time with her own. She has one Frenchie, a Yorkie, and is also fostering a 15 year old Wheaten Terrier. She revels in the small moments when they can relax together watching television or sitting beside her as she sews.


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