Dr. Aileen Lugo


Doctor Aileen Lugo is Sunset Animal Hospital’s newest Veterinarian and has been in the field for over 15 years. Born in Puerto Rico, she lived there during her childhood and adolescence before moving to attend college in The Dominican Republic. After graduating from Pedro Henriquez Ureña University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, she moved to South Florida to begin her career as a Veterinarian. In addition to working with the Humane Society in Puerto Rico, Doctor Lugo has collaborated with many local rescue groups and has provided invaluable spaying and neutering services on and off the island. This would herald the arrival of an element that would become and continues to be a fixture of her professional hallmark: Preventative measures. Doctor Lugo is a firm believer in preventative medicine for animals and has played a significant role throughout her life in providing services that adhere to this belief. Presently, she specializes in surgery, and considers it a passion. When she's not saving lives with surgical precision, she likes to take advantage of the perennially sunny weather that envelops south Florida by enjoying the great outdoors with her son. She is the proud owner of two lucky dogs and one playful cat.


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